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Starla Tracy A Thriving Start In-Home Childcare


a bit about me:

Hello and welcome! My name is Starla Tracy and I am the owner of A Thriving Start Childcare Home in Concord, North Carolina. We are conveniently located off Highway 49 and Highway 601, with a short 20-minute commute to both UNC Charlotte and North East Hospital. Our Childcare Home is licensed by the state of NC and we maintain high standards for health and safety.


There are many wonderful ways we differ from a daycare center but what I love most is the close relationships, personal attention, and care each child receives in our cozy home environment. Children inspire me every day as I watch them learn, play & explore our exciting world. There is so much more to "play" than meets the eye. Play is crucial to their personal and physical development. Here at A Thriving Start we set apart large chunks of time to encourage brain development via nature, dramatic, imaginative, and creative play. 

Children need to start in a thriving nurturing environment they feel comfortable in for their cognitive development, emotional & social skills, physical exercise, fine & gross motor development, problem-solving skills, and language to build a strong foundation for their future. We love offering a play-focused inspiring environment that exercises all of these.   


If you'd like more information feel free to email or call. My aim is to build quality relationships with families and excel in serving them with the highest quality of care while surrounded by a beautiful, safe, and nurturing environment.

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